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John 17

1. Why do you think Jesus prayed this prayer out loud?


2. Read vv. 1-5. Jesus asks only one thing for Himself. What is it? What do you think this means?


What do you believe Jesus means by "glorify" the Father?


3. In verse 3, Jesus gives us His definition of eternal life. What is it?


Why do you think Jesus used this definition?


In what ways do you seed to know Jesus and the Father better?


4. According to verse 4, how can we glorify the Father? Can you think of something God has called you to finish?


5. Read vv. 6-19. What specifically does Jesus pray about His disciples?


Why would Jesus pray for their protection?


According to v. 11, what might be lost without this protection?


6. In v. 13, what does Jesus want for his disciples (and for us)? How would hearing this prayer bring that joy to the disciples?


7. In v. 17 Jesus says the disciples are sanctified by the truth or by His Word. What does "sanctify" mean?


How does His word or truth sanctify us?

What is one result of this sanctification or being set apart (v. 14)?


8. Now read vv 20-26. What is Jesusí main prayer for future believers?


Since this is Jesusí prayer, it shows us what is on His heart and on the Fatherís heart. Keeping this in mind, why do you think the church has "overlooked" this prayer for so long?


Why is unity so important (vv. 23 & 26)?


What does it mean to you for the church to be in unity?


9. What encourages you the most or means the most to you after reading Jesusí prayer?


John 18


1. How would you react if a close friend falsely accused you of a crime to get you out of the way?


2. How did Judas know where to find Jesus?


What groups is he leading?


Why is this significant? In other words, why did it take Roman soldiers and temple guards to arrest Jesus?


3. When the officials say they are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, what does Jesus answer?


How did the officials react to this answer? Why do think this happened?


4. If you had been one of the disciples that evening, what do you think you would be feeling as you learned they had come to arrest Jesus?


What was Peterís reaction?


Why did Jesus stop Peter?


What can we learn from Jesusí rebuke of Peter when we feel like "helping" God?


5. Read vv. 12-14. Caiaphas had been appointed head priest by Rome. If he was the high priest, why did the people bring Jesus to Annas first?



6. Read vv. 15-27. What is your first reaction to Peterís denying the Lord three times?


But before judging him too harshly, letís look at some other questions. Where were the other disciples? Where was Peter?


Can you think of a time when you "denied" Jesus? Did that denial mean you did not love him?


What advice would you give someone who had "betrayed" the Lord Jesus?


7. What do these verses show us about Jesusí faithfulness? His courage? His love? His state of mind?


8. Read vv 28-37. When the Jews took Jesus to Pilate, they did not enter the palace because doing so would make them unclean. What is hypocritical about this?

Why did the Jews take Jesus to Pilate?


They were very concerned about not breaking the law. Yet they had already broken the law several times already concerning the trials of Jesus. What can you learn about Jesusí legal rights as a Jew?


9. A Roman trial included four basic elements: the accusation, the interrogation (search for evidence), the defense and the verdict. What events or statements from the text are included in each?


10. What is wrong with the Pharisees reasoning in v. 30? Are we ever guilty of this "faulty" reasoning?


11. What can we learn about Jesusí kingdom from His answer to Pilate in v. 36?


What are we, as part of His kingdom, supposed to do?


12. According to v. 37, why was Jesus born?


In what ways does He testify to the truth?


How can we testify to the Truth?


13. What can we learn about Pilateís feelings when tries to release Jesus?


Pilate is the one with authority to free or condemn Jesus. Pilate states that he can find no basis for a charge against Jesus. Why does he not release Jesus?


Can you think of a time when you failed to do what was right because of peer pressure?


In what ways do you still experience this pressure?


What should we do when faced with pressure to give in to the crowd?